Myths & Legends

From earliest times, men and women have told stories. Sometimes they have been to entertain; sometimes, in an era before universal literacy, to preserve history and tradition orally; sometimes to scare visitors or the unsuspecting; sometimes, to encourage religious fervour. But quite often they were sold simply because people have vivid imaginations and like telling or hearing a good story.

The South Rhins has been inhabited from as early as 8000 BC when nomadic European tribes followed the retreating glaciers of the last Ice Age and with such a long continuous history of settlement, is is hardly surprising that it enjoys a rich tapestry of Myths and Legends. Since good stories travel well, some of these, with local variations and embellishments, are replicated in other parts of the country — and beyond. Some however, are particular to the South Rhins, even if little physical evidence remains today of those sites where the various tales are supposed to have happened.

So, here in this quiet and tranquil part of Scotland, enjoy a range of Myths and Legends to the full - by simply letting your imagination take control as you feel yourself being transported, back in time, to a bygone age when every good story began with 'once upon a time'.

Tales of passion and power, fear and folly, deeds and decisions, supernatural, or simply superstitious - each mirrors and preserves the lifestyles, pastimes and beliefs of the men and women who have inhabited the South Rhins for thousands of years and whose descendants are creating today's Myths and Legends...