The Piper & Fairies Cave

    Waterfront Hotel - Myths and Legends
    At the Cove of the Grennan, a spot well known for its cave-dwelling fairy inhabitants, close to the present Kilstay, sailors would throw offerings of food to ensure fair winds and a safe journey but none hung around to wait on the fairies coming out of the dark recesses of their cave to collect these offerings.

    The main cave, now long since gone, was supposed to lead by a narrow passage all the way through to Clanyard Bay on the west coast, though none dared explore this legend until one day, a piper, braver than the rest, marched off playing his bagpipes and walked straight into the cave accompanied by his dog. Those left outside could hear the music being played from within the depths of the earth until, eventually, it faded away. The dog, minus its hair, finally emerged terror-stricken from the cave at Clanyard Bay but the piper was never seen again. Local legend however, suggests that sometimes in the summer nights, when all is still and there is no wind at all moving around the Mull, it is possible to hear the faint sound of the pipes and that of a howling dog coming from under the ground at Clanyard Bay.