Spinning Wheels & Scratching Pens

    Waterfront Hotel - The Spinning Wheel LegendConsidering its numerous ancient castles, keeps and ruined churches and its bloody and turbulent past, the South Rhins is remarkably free of ghosts. Only two serious contenders have emerged and both are no longer active - well, not presently at any rate.

    The stonework from the ancient castle of the Adairs, at Low Drummore, produced one spooky candidate when it became clear, during demolition, that dark deeds had been carried out within, when a walled-up cupboard was found full of human bones and a spear. Undeterred, the stones were moved to form part of the farmhouse, then under construction, but the building itself was soon troubled by supernatural and unexplained sounds. Nothing was ever seen, but in the dead of night, the sound of a spinning wheel could be heard, building up to a crescendo, then gradually subsiding before the sound of the thread being snapped was clearly audible. Things reached such a state that no one could sleep in the room. That ghost seemed to find its eternal rent when the castle was finally demolished and disappeared.

    The other ghostly visitor in the South Rhins was much less boisterous and haunted the old farmhouse at Auchabreck. The noise of an invisible pen scraping across parchment so terrified locals that they pleaded with the schoolmaster at Kirkmaiden to try his hand at exorcism. He and a companion spent the night in the haunted room and so terrified were they at daybreak, that they could not speak about it and left soon after for the American colonies, never to be seen again in the South Rhins ... nor was the ghostly writer heard again either.