About 2000 Acres 0f Sky

    The BBC comedy/drama '2000 Acres Of Sky' stars Paul Kaye as Kenny and Michelle Collins, who plays single mother of two, Abby Wallace.

    Tired of how little East London has to offer, Abby responds to an advert for a family to come and run the local B&B on a Scottish island called Ronansay, She persuades her best friend Kenny to pretend to be her husband so the islanders will accept her application. Kenny agrees, partly because he has been in love with her for years and their on-off relationship teases viewers throughout.

    In reality, actress Michelle Collins and other members of the crew choose to stay at The Waterfront Hotel, while on location in Portpatrick.

    Viewers have been captivated by the natural beauty of the location of Ronansay and have asked for more information about where the series was filmed and advice for visiting the area.

    The setting for 2000 Acres of Sky was around Portpatrick, on the western coast of Dumfries & Galloway.

    '2000 Acres Of Sky' is set amid scenes of unspoiled natural beauty - the region of Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland.

    The picturesque town of Portpatrick (left) is one of the main settings for 2000 Acres of Sky and The Waterfront Hotel (pictured center bottom) is the hotel of choice for the star and the crew during filming. Michelle's entry in The Waterfront Hotel's guestbook is shown left and a larger version is at the bottom of the page.

    For more details of the area, we recommend a visit to The Waterfront Hotel's website which is a virtual 'mini tourist board site' and is a great archive of information on local attractions, events and activities in the area. Click below to visit now.