2000 Acres of Sky - Location

    '2000 Acres Of Sky' was shot on location in Dumfries & Galloway. The production company were looking for a remote Scottish island for the fictional Ronansay, with a fishing village within sight of what could be the Scottish mainland. The mainland port chosen for the series was Portpatrick and the island location became nearby Port Logan.

    Actress Michelle Collins and other members of the crew choose to stay in The Waterfront Hotel, Portpatrick, which is often a backdrop to scenes in the series.

    Other locations used are around Portpatrick - Dunskey Castle, Drummore and Stranraer. The shooting of the series was Dumfries and Galloway's most high-profile to date.

    Paul Kaye comments: "We were down at the Mull of Galloway filming and that was stunning. I'll certainly try and get back there because it was a nice place to walk. Being in Scotland, in that amazing scenery was great. It's a stunning place and we were right next to the water. If it was cold, we would light log fires but still leave the bedroom windows open so we could hear the sea. It sounds corny but being close to water and fire, well, you can't get much more natural than that. Not that I'm about to go off and start hugging trees - but it definitely awakened something in me".

    Michelle Collins comments: "It's my first time in the area but I haven't had much time off. The area though, is very nice and a big change and I like being on location".